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Cassette Tent

The casket awning is one of the top outdoor shading systems. It may look like all other awnings with arms, but the ai

All metal parts are electrostatically painted in metallic RAL type paint in order to avoid the occurrence of oxidation to the maximum and to prolong the normal wear as much as possible.

The cover of the awning uses acrylic import fabric, by the Austrian company SATTLER with a five-year warranty, 100% waterproof, excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and maximum protection from ultraviolet UV radiation.

It is also a fact that the electric drive is done wirelessly with a Moter of corresponding technology of the Somfy house, recessed in the shaft without additional components with a 5-year warranty.

The big advantage that makes it one of the special external shading systems is that, when you do not need it, it closes completely in a case so as to protect the fabric and the arms from dirt, weather, etc.

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