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BOX vertical cassettes are a complete coverage and protection system.

The system consists of electrostatic painting aluminum guides of your choice and the following can be applied to the guides.

1. Transparent import gel Crystallized in 0.8mm and has non-toxic certification EN71 according to Community directives.

2.Special perforated mesh mesh fabric, with a high degree of protection from UV radiation and ultraviolet rays.

3. Awning cloth, imported, with a five-year warranty, 100% waterproof, excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and maximum protection from ultraviolet UV radiation.


  • The application material is mounted on a shaft inside the special BOX box at the top of the system and moves in special guides right to left.
  • Each BOX cassette is independent of the others and is driven by a simple crank or electrically operated and remotely controlled by a Somfy motor.

When you do not need the application material, it is evenly packed in the box at the top for a better aesthetic result.

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