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Heavy-duty professional outdoor umbrella accessories are available at Tentopolis. You can complete the assembly of the umbrella with the accessories for Professional umbrellas, as you have the opportunity to get them from us, in their entire range.

We have accessories for professional heavy type umbrellas, of all kinds, in order to meet the needs of all customers. Needs vary according to the components in demand.

All plastic parts are made of polyamide. Polyamide is a specialized material. It offers a different look from ordinary plastic, due to the fact that it does not fade. Finally, long-term durability is one of its advantages.

The following accessories for professional umbrellas are available at Tentopolis:

Rope Clamp (1310) Binders



Beam accessories

40 Χ 20 closed


Beam accessories

40 Χ 20 open


Beam accessories

30 Χ 15 closed


Beam accessories

30 Χ 15 open


Roller Beam Plugs


(1370) (1371) (1372)
Umbrella accessories

Heavy Duty Φ48


Telescopic accessories

Heavy Duty Φ60


Telescopic accessories

Heavy Duty Φ90


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