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Heavy-duty professional outdoor umbrellas are available from Tentopolis. They are ideal for the pool of your home or your business.

The professional umbrellas are made entirely by us, from the beginning to the end. This makes us very competitive in terms of quality and, of course, prices.

Excellent and tested materials are used for the construction of professional umbrellas. They also have technical characteristics of perfect operation, which are listed below:


The cover material used in all professional heavy type umbrellas is acrylic fabric imported from the Austrian company SATTLER. It is a 100% waterproof fabric, extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions and has an official certification of protection from ultraviolet UV radiation. It offers a five-year warranty.


All metal parts in professional umbrellas are made of special aluminum profiles. They are electrostatically painted in metallic RAL type paint in order to avoid the occurrence of oxidation to the maximum and to prolong the normal wear as much as possible.


Professional umbrellasconsist of:

  • The central beam, which is available in various diameters.
  • Umbrella beams, which perfectly support the fabric with the central body of the umbrella. They are also easily removable, which makes them easy to replace.
  • Polyamide plastic parts. Polyamide is a specialized material. It offers a different look from ordinary plastic, due to the fact that it does not fade. Finally, long-term durability is one of its advantages.

Decorate your cottage, hotel, rental room or whatever else you have, with the professional heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas, from Tentopolis and you will immediately realize the difference in quality and long-term durability.

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