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Folding Windbreakers at the TGI Fridays store in Kifissia Attica

Tentopolis outdoor windshields are an innovative wind protection system. This is a product, entirely of our own construction, production and assembly.

The windshield dividers, The Windbreakers are made in all their metal parts from aluminum profiles. In addition, they are electrostatically painted in RAL color, of your choice. In this way, the oxidation is avoided and the normal wear is prolonged as much as possible.

They can be characterized as glass windbreaks, as 3X3 Laminate crystal is placed on them. This glass combines high security and protection even from strong winds with the elegance and warmth of your outdoor space.

They are ideal windshields for cafes, as they mainly protect restaurants, which need customer service positions. So they make the most of any outdoor space.





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