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Folding Aluminum Pergola at Beach Bar Cielo in Sarti, Halkidiki

Aluminum pergolas, by Tentopolis, are the ideal solution for space that needs coverage and is large in size. They are balcony pergolas, garden pergolas where elsewhere you need a stable and long-term construction.

They can be folded and opened and closed at will, when you want it. These are aluminum pergolas made of aluminum alloy profiles. All their metal parts are painted with a special electrostatic paint type RAL which you will choose from a wide range of colors.

The material used for the housing is PVC type block out of Satler which is a specialized material to achieve absolute waterproofing and protection from UV radiation.

It is also a fact that the electric drive is made wirelessly with a Somfy Moter recessed in the shaft without additional components.







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